Nan Hunter

Nan D. Hunter is a professor of law at the Brooklyn Law School. She filed one of the amicus briefs in Boy Scouts of American v. Dale.

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Scout's Honor

Before the end of June, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Boy Scouts can be forced by antidiscrimination law to accept openly gay members and scoutmasters. The Scouts argue that "gay scoutmaster" is a contradiction in terms, going so far as to claim, in their petition asking the Court to hear the case, that their function of teaching boys "what it means to be a man" cannot survive in the presence of men who are gay. The case began in New Jersey, where a local Boy Scout council expelled former Eagle Scout and Junior Scoutmaster James Dale after a newspaper article appeared in which he was identified as a co-chair of the gay student group at Rutgers University. Dale sued under the state's civil rights statute, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation by public accommodations. Last August the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts had violated that statute and ordered Dale's reinstatement. The Scouts appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The legal...