Negar Azimi

Negar Azimi is a graduate student at Harvard and an editor of Bidoun, an arts and culture magazine based in New York.

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Judge of Progress

Shirin Ebadi has defended political prisoners, dissident intellectuals, and student activists in Iran. She's famously been on a government hit list, and served as her country's first female judge. In 2000, she served time in Tehran's Evin Prison for representing the families of young demonstrators in the most significant student protests Iran has known in years. Since winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, she increasingly has been called on to serve as an ambassador of sorts -- particularly given her country's more than occasional clashes, both real and imagined, with the international community. And she's controversial. Iranians, both at home and abroad, have criticized her for working within a system that may be broken, for not being tough enough on the government back home, and for resisting calls for regime change care of the United States. She lends nuance to a country that has long been a target for reductionism, cliché, and black-and-white judgments. I met her on May 23 in...