Nicholas Confessore

Nicholas Confessore is a reporter for The New York Times. Previously he was an American Prospect senior correspondent and an editor of The Washington Monthly.

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Naked in the Valley

Po Bronson's The Nudist on the Late Shift and Other True Tales of Silicon Valley 12.02.99 | reviewed by Nicholas Confessore 'Tis the season for mainstream magazines—Time, Newsweek, BusinessWeek—to finally run cover stories on that newest of old trends, e-commerce. Skip them. You are unlikely to find a more vivid or readable tour of Silicon Valley culture than Po Bronson's The Nudist on the Late Shift. Bronson's prose—fast paced, irreverent, casually portentous—is well-suited to its subject. Less a book about the industry than one about the people who constitute the industry—six of the eight chapters are named for different castes in the valley hierarchy, from "The Newcomers" to "The Dropout"—The Nudist is Wolfian new journalism at its most narcotic. But it is this same enthusiasm that makes The Nudist on the Late Shift practically bloodless. "If I could say just one thing about Silicon Valley, this is it: every generation that came before us had to...