R. Magill

R. Jay Magill, Jr., is an associate editor at DoubleTake magazine.

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Drawing Connections

The Connection Gap: Why Americans Feel So Alone By Laura Pappano. Rutgers University Press, 224 pages, $26.00 Better Together: Report of the Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 108 pages More than 100 years ago, Friedrich Nietzsche observed the gradual turning inward of the German population, away from an open neighborliness. He noted in Human, All Too Human that the clearest sign of this increasing social alienation was that people say "ironic things to the other, but neither of the two feel the other's irony." This sort of keen insight into daily life can reveal larger changes in the culture. Though the social worlds of latter-day Germany and present-day America are disparate, there are similarities, at least when it comes to the way a nation's culture helps to create an inward turn in the lives of its citizens. In cities throughout the United States, some social observers claim, we've become less interested in the...