Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma

The Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma is an ordained Anglican priest, citizen of Zambia, and researcher on religion and sexuality for the Boston-based Political Research Associates. He is the author of the investigative report Globalizing the Culture Wars: U.S. Conservatives, African Churches, & Homophobia, published by PRA in 2009. His video recordings of the Kampala conference on the “homosexual agenda” can be found at

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Exporting the Anti-Gay Movement

How sexual minorities in Africa became collateral damage in the U.S. culture wars

(Brian Stauffer)
In October 2010, a banner headline ran on the front page of the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone : “100 Pictures of Uganda’s Top Homos Leak.” Subheadings warned of these people’s dark designs: “We Shall Recruit 1,000,000 Kids by 2012,” and “Parents Now Face Heartbreaks as Homos Raid Schools.” One of the two men pictured on the front page was David Kato, an outspoken leader of Uganda’s small human-rights movement. Inside the newspaper, his name and home address, along with those of other LGBT Ugandans, were printed. The article called for the “homos” to be hanged. Three months later, after numerous threats, Kato was bludgeoned to death in his Kampala home. Police said the motive was robbery, but human-rights advocates did not believe the official story. At Kato’s funeral, an Anglican priest condemned homosexuality. Kato’s death was international news, making him the highest-profile victim of the anti-gay...