Richard Longworth

Richard C. Longworth is a senior writer for The Chicago Tribune and the author of Global Squeeze: The Coming Crisis for First-World Nations.

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Government without Democracy

Critics of the global economy often see it as anarchic, a mad market that has burst national bounds and floats free, unrestrained by the laws and rules that made the nation-based social market a decent place to live and do business. It is "wild capitalism," Benjamin R. Barber wrote last year in The American Prospect [" Globalizing Democracy ," September 11, 2000]. He asked: "Can globalism be governed?" Well, it is governed, but not in a way that soothes its critics or gives hope for democratic control of the global economy. In dozens of forums, from Montreal to Paris to Basel, effective laws, rules, and standards are being written in order to guide and channel global commerce. Government officials and international experts--often helped by the very industries and corporations they seek to regulate--are weaving a legal and supervisory web around the global economy. Nonbinding standards to promote uniformity in banking, accounting, and corporate behavior become templates of good conduct...