Robert Bixby

Robert Bixby is executive director of the Concord Coalition.

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Attention: Deficit Disorder

Robert Bixby: Robert Kuttner's attack on the Concord Coalition (" They're Baaack ," 1/15/07) misstates important facts and ignores others in dismissing our call for bipartisan cooperation on fiscal policy. The immediate source of Kuttner's scorn was an ad we ran in The New York Times calling on Congress and the President to negotiate a balanced budget plan and begin a bipartisan process for addressing the nation's long-term fiscal challenges. We observed, "a realistic strategy will require reductions in promised benefits, higher revenues, or a combination of both." Kuttner's view is essentially that there is no need for a bipartisan solution to the budget deficit because the deficit isn't much of a problem, and to the extent that it is a problem the cure is to repeal the Bush tax cuts. His long-term prescription for Social Security and Medicare is a combination of tax increases on the wealthy and universal health insurance. "We don't need more benefit cuts," he declares. Let's begin...