Robert McKay

Robert McKay is Chairman of the Democracy Alliance.

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Recruit the Next Generation of Donors

This piece is part of the Prospect' s series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years. To read the introduction, click here . Historically, progressive investors and donors have calibrated the bulk of their giving to election cycles and have neglected the more complicated issue of developing and implementing a plan that takes the long view. What is required as we move past the 2012 elections is patient capital. The conservative movement has spent more than 40 years building an infrastructure. That effort has been so successful that we talk more often about conservatives than we do about Republicans. The wholesale takeover of their party occurred over many election cycles, and it required discipline of a type that we rarely see in modern politics. While I don’t advocate a similar objective vis-à-vis the Democratic Party, I do believe that movement activists and funders are best positioned to build the permanent infrastructure essential to activating a long-term...