Ronald Mincy

Ronald B. Mincy is the Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice at Columbia University.

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What About Black Fathers?

Emboldened by the reduction in the welfare rolls, conservatives have renewed their demands that our welfare system reflect traditional family values, specifically marriage. But if marriage becomes the heavily favored family strategy of welfare policy, family-service providers and other supporters of responsible fatherhood will find it harder to help families as they actually exist -- families that are not always headed by married couples. President Bush, an outspoken supporter of strong marriages, has responded to this conservative social agenda with several policy initiatives. First, the administration's new welfare-reform proposal adds a few key words to the fourth goal of the 1996 welfare-reform act: "to encourage the formation and maintenance of healthy two-parent married families and responsible fatherhood [emphasis added]." Next, it dedicates $300 million in federal funds to support marriage-promotion efforts. Then, the plan encourages states to provide (pared-down) child...