Roy Edroso

Roy Edroso is proprietor of Alicublog. His novel Morgue for Whores (Contemporary Press) is due out in early 2008.

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Dispatches From the Konservetkult

Today's members of the right-wing culture patrol see ideological subtext everywhere they look.

Given the recent renaissance of overtly political films, it was inevitable that we would also have a renaissance of overtly political film commentary, especially with blogs acting as a force multiplier. It's easy to understand why blogospheric debates would rage over whether Michael Moore lies (as contends) or hates America (as contends). But you might wonder what the political angle would be for, say, Knocked Up . Or 300 . Or the new Harry Potter movie, or the old Chevy Chase chestnut Fletch , or comic book movies ... Well, wonder no more -- welcome to the right-wing school of movie criticism! In this burgeoning genre, the sort of stuff that concerns ordinary critics -- characters, dialogue, cinematography -- pale in importance when compared to a film's potential to further right-wing political goals. Much like the Proletkult of the early Soviet Union that filtered all art through the lens of Marxism, today's Konservetkult sees ideological...