Shirley Veenema

Shirley Veenema is a materials developer at Harvard University's Project Zero and instructor in art at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences

New multimedia technology could do a lot for children if educators recognize diverse intelligences that schools traditionally haven't favored.

This article continues the series, " The New Media and Learning ," which opened with three articles in our July-August issue. All articles were originally presented at a conference sponsored by The American Prospect at the MIT Media Laboratory on June 4, 1996. Audiotapes of the presentations and discussion are available by calling 1-800-872-0162 or by ordering from the Spencer Conference web site . The conference and articles were underwritten by a grant from the Spencer Foundation. T echnology does not necessarily improve education. Take a simple innovation like the pencil: One can use it to write a superlative essay, to drum away the time, or to poke out someone's eye. The best television has educated thousands, while the daily network offerings dull the sensibilities of millions. The same is true of interactive technology, which is getting so much ink these days: It could become a valuable education tool, but only if we use it to capitalize on our new understanding of how the human...