Siddharth Mohandas

Siddharth Mohandas is an assistant editor at Foreign Affairs.

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"A Problem from Hell" America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power

"A Problem from Hell" America and the Age of Genocide By Samantha Power. Basic Books, 610 pages, $30.00 Early in 1942 Jan Karski, a young Polish diplomat, smuggled himself into the Warsaw ghetto, where he witnessed Nazi atrocities in progress. He saw mass graves, starving children, and the killing of Jews in broad daylight. He then made his way to Belzec, a death camp near Poland's border with Ukraine. When he escaped later that year, he carried miniature microfilm documents describing the horrors he had seen. Karski, a Roman Catholic, joined international efforts to spread news of what was taking place -- to get the rest of the world to "believe the unbelievable," as one urgent telegram put it. Traveling to the United States, Karski managed to get a meeting with Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, who responded to his eyewitness accounts by saying, "I don't believe you." He then clarified: "I do not mean that you are lying. I simply said I cannot believe you." This became the...