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Can a Charity Tax Credit Help the Poor?

Despite the lowest unemployment rate ever reported in Ohio, a record number of Franklin County residents turned to food pantries for assistance in 1997, 11 percent more than the year before. With more than 2,000 households requiring at least a month's worth of food--an unprecedented level of chronic need--food banks scrambled to raise the funds necessary to provide 14.2 million pounds of food. For the first time in Ohio history, the state legislature chipped in $1.5 million for the pantries, a gesture which could be seen as tacit acknowledgement that charities for the poor are being transformed from providers of emergency services to permanent suppliers of ongoing assistance. It's time to build that acknowledgement into public policy. Nationwide, 21 million families once dependent on food programs as last resorts now rely on them for regular assistance. These programs can't keep up with the new demands. Emergency food assistance programs in many American cities are being forced by...