Stanley Kutler

Stanley I. Kutler, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin Law School is the author of The Wars of Watergate.

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The Conservative as Liberal

Becoming Justice Blackmun: Harry Blackmun's Supreme Court Journey by Linda Greenhouse ( Times Books, 258 pages, $25.00 ) The day that former president Lyndon Johnson died, January 22, 1973, Justice Harry Blackmun announced the Supreme Court's 7-to-2 decision in Roe v. Wade , legalizing abortion throughout the nation. The media led with Johnson's passing, while Blackmun, in his diary, noted “abortion flak,” including protests from three cardinals and the Vatican. Picketers and police protection greeted him the next day in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As Linda Greenhouse notes in her perceptive portrayal of Blackmun's career, “the rest of Harry Blackmun's life had begun” -- as did our abortion wars. Supreme Court opinions are collaborative in nature (7 to 2 is an impressive consensus), but as Blackmun's once-comfortable majority dwindled, he increasingly personified the ruling. Militant opponents inundated him with tens of thousands of letters denouncing him...