Steven Carbó

Steven Carbó is the Senior Program Director of the Democracy Program at Demos.

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Color It Wrong

The tactics are more subtle than in the old days, but suppression of votes in minority neighborhoods is very much alive and well.

If the mainstream media can be believed, the nation witnessed a hotly contested but generally acceptable election last November 2. George W. Bush won the White House in balloting that pulled our democracy back from the brink of illegitimacy and global embarrassment. Even electionline Weekly , the must-read journal for election-reform insiders, pronounced it abundantly clear that Election Day 2004 was a success. But was that the full story of the 2004 election? From the perspective of the individual voter -- especially the voter of color -- our collective experiment in democracy last November was no resounding success. Across the nation, the right to freely cast a ballot without harassment or intimidation, and to have that vote properly counted, was sorely tested. For many African American, Asian American, Native American, and Latino voters, the 2004 election was another skirmish in a centuries-old struggle for equality and justice. The days of lynchings, poll taxes, and white...