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THINGS YOU CAN BLAME ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOR. According to Tom Tancredo , the real reason for the increase in violent crime in Newark, NJ, is -- just guess -- illegal immigration. He's encouraging families of victims to file a lawsuit against the city for allowing undocumented residents to live there. Nevermind that immigrants have lower crime rates than native born residents; Tancredo is properly demagogic enough to ignore that fact. Previously Tancredo blamed illegal immigrants for sex crimes against children since the seemingly unrelated date of 9/11 . So what's illegal immigration's next victim going to be? Probably just happiness . --Steven White


SOUTHERN FRIED ELECTION NEWS UPDATE. A new Rasmussen poll shows Hillary Clinton has a pretty remarkable 20-point lead over both Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in -- wait for it -- Arkansas . The poll also shows Clinton has a 65 percent favorability rating in the state. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she was the former first lady in the Arkansas governor's mansion, but this is still pretty impressive. Despite all the Hillary-resentment around the country, it's notable that at least one southern state seems to be completely behind her. Another recent poll shows Clinton slightly edging out Barack Obama in South Carolina, but as Eric Kleefeld notes , these results hinge on race. Obama currently has the support of 55 percent of black Democrats in the state -- who make up about half of SC Democratic primary voters -- but the poll's respondents were only 40 percent African American. If that number were higher, Obama could be slightly in the lead. Who actually wins the state will depend on...


FRED THOMPSON THEN AND NOW. Via Marc Ambinder, we have two sides of Fred Thompson, who no one remembers was also sort of considering a presidential run back in 1998 : Fred Thompson Then From a August 21, 1998 article in Commercial Appeal : Taking a jab at such career campaigners as former Gov. Lamar Alexander and Vice President Al Gore, Thompson responded to a question about a possible presidential candidacy by saying, ''Contrary to popular belief, I don't think you have to run for president for 15 years. Or four years.'' He said he would wait until later this year or early 1999 before making a decision about whether to run. He asked rhetorically whether it was more important to accomplish some important things in the Senate that he feels need to be accomplished ''or spend two months in Iowa talking about abortion.'' Fred Thompson Now Heading off to Iowa to spend two three and a half months talking about abortion. --Steven White

Ron Paul's Abortion Rhetoric

Does Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's strong language about abolishing a woman's right to choose put him at odds with the Libertarian party?

In 1981 a Republican congressman declared : Abortion on demand is the ultimate State tyranny; the State simply declares that certain classes of human beings are not persons, and therefore not entitled to the protection of the law. The State protects the "right" of some people to kill others, just as the courts protected the "property rights" of slave masters in their slaves. Moreover, by this method the State achieves a goal common to all totalitarian regimes: it sets us against each other, so that our energies are spent in the struggle between State-created classes, rather than in freeing all individuals from the State. Unlike Nazi Germany, which forcibly sent millions to the gas chambers (as well as forcing abortion and sterilization upon many more), the new regime has enlisted the assistance of millions of people to act as its agents in carrying out a program of mass murder. The name of the congressman? Ron Paul. Yes, that Ron Paul, the long-shot GOP candidate for president running...


RUDY GIULIANI WILL KILL YOU (WITH LAMENESS). Rudy Giuliani 's Foreign Affairs article is the dumbest/scariest thing I've read in a serious journal in quite some time. In fact, I almost regret reading it, as I could have spent my time doing something more intellectually engaging like punching myself in the face. Here's the article's summary: "The next U.S. president will face three key foreign policy challenges: setting a course for victory in the terrorists' war on global order, strengthening the international system the terrorists seek to destroy, and extending the system's benefits. With a stronger defense, a determined diplomacy, and greater U.S. economic and cultural influence, the next president can start to build a lasting, realistic peace." And here are the reasons it's so hard to take Giuliani seriously: The very first sentence: "We are all members of the 9/11 generation." The phrase "Terrorists War on Us" is now capitalized . Dumb statements like: "And the era of cost-free...