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Where Do We Go From Here?

An important reason why quality early education and care is not universally available in America is because the public is not demanding it. Many of the people most affected by current supports for young children are not engaged in the conversation about it, and some natural allies feel ignored. Many parents scramble for care when they need it, but often leave that developmental period with a survivor's sense of relief, unaware of how they might work to alter the fragmented, incoherent experience. Yes, polls indicate that the general public supports early education -- but, overall, the public is not yet activated to do anything to actually achieve it or to pay for it. Ironically, in the cycles of history, we have come to a place where our nation simultaneously embraces and neglects the young child, offering almost enough care to address basic needs but not enough resources to ensure quality early education for all. Excellent innovations prevail, but a system of care lies just beyond...