Victor Navasky

Victor Navasky is the publisher of The Nation and is Delacor Professor of Magazines at the Columbia School of Journalism. His book Kennedy Justic is being reissued by the Author's Guild.

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What Would Bobby Do?

Six months before Robert F. Kennedy was killed, I had occasion to inventory the theories of what made him tick. Here is my list: that he was a ruthless calculator (Ralph De Toledano, Gore Vidal, Victor Lasky); that he was a market researcher (Nicholas Thimmesch, William Johnson); that he was his father's son (Richard Whelan); that he was his brother's brother (Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.); that there were two Robert Kennedys, one good and one bad (Jules Feiffer); that although he had been called a simple man, "it would be more accurate to say he is many simple men" (Patrick Anderson); that his style might have been radical but his content was conventional (Andrew Kopkind, Robert Scheer); that he had "a unique capacity for growth" (Justice William O. Douglas); that he was a hipster (Norman Mailer); that he was our first alienated, existential pol, a cross between Bob Dylan and Albert Camus (Jack Newfield); and that "[w]ho sketches Robert Kennedy does so at his peril" (Joseph Kraft in a...