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Tree Slackers:

As Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force puts the final touches on its report -- widely expected to endorse drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and increasing funds for oxymoronic "clean coal" technology -- one would expect environmental groups to be getting ready to shred Bush's sombrero. I wouldn't count it. If recent (non)events are any indication, the enviros won't do anything more than give the newspapers a few angry quotes. Take Bush's much-publicized 100-day mark, for example. He had been in office for a little more than three months and had invited Congress to a special lunch in the Rose Garden to celebrate. That morning, CNN was camped out on the White House lawn; some 200 congressmen were making their way down from Capitol Hill in air-conditioned buses; and a whole slew of impressionable Japanese tourists toting camcorders had just unloaded onto Pennsylvania Avenue. The morning was ripe for a protest that environmental groups planned to hold at...