The American Prospect welcomes applications for 2019 Fall editorial internships

The American Prospect hosts three classes of interns each year, from January to May; May to August; and August to December. Editorial interns assist with research, fact-checking, social media, data entry, and library services for both the print magazine and the daily website.

Interns are encouraged to contribute editorially, writing articles as assigned and participating in generating story ideas, as well as pursuing their own projects under the guidance of Prospect staff.

We encourage interns to fully integrate themselves into the Prospect’s editorial operations while taking full advantage of the public events only available in Washington, D.C.

Juniors, seniors and grad students are encouraged to apply. Full- and part-time internships are available; stipend is $70 per day.

Founded in 1990, The American Prospect is devoted to promoting informed discourse on public-policy matters from a progressive perspective through narrative interpretation of complex issues. We don’t just make magazines, we make a difference.

Your TAP Internship application includes...

  • Your résumé.
  • Three writing samples: Consider clips or posts, academic papers, and unpublished pieces. Please submit readable PDFs of clips with links to sites as needed.
  • And a letter about yourself that also answers these questions:
    What magazines, newspapers, and websites do you read regularly?
    Name your intellectual and political heroes?
    Where do you see yourself in five years and why?

Submit your application for the Fall internship by Sunday, July 21.

Via email:
Subject: Internship Application

Or by post:
The American Prospect Internship Program
1225 I Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005

For more information, email Ellen Meany: