The McCain Doctrine

April 2008


  • Lullaby of Baghdad

    Paul Starr

    Are we winning the Iraq war, or is what little progress we have achieved actually an illusion?
  • Listening to Iraq

    Ann Friedman

    The news coverage of the Iraq War almost always ignores the daily lives of ordinary Iraqis. Seeking out those personal stories could help us understand the war's human cost.
  • Maverick or Manueverer?

    Mark Schmitt

    John McCain has enjoyed a reputation for "authenticity" because of his commitment to "reform." But this reputation is evidence of Washington's sadly twisted standards, not McCain's virtue.
  • Business as Usury

    Thomas Geoghegan

    Before Congress goes after bank misdeeds on Wall Street, let's stop the petty theft on Main Street -- predatory mortgages and usurious loans. Had we protected the poor and the weak, the problems of our mighty banks might not be so great.


  • Multiculture Club

    Amanda Marcotte

    "Kids these days" belong to the most diverse generation America has ever had. No wonder they like music that blends sounds from all around the world.
  • Religiously Equal?

    Peter Steinfels

    In her new book, philosophical titan Martha Nussbaum questions the separation between church and state, arguing that constitutional law has more often derived from prejudice than principle.
  • Rules of Attack

    William Galston

    Did September 11 signal the end of liberal internationalism -- the polestar of American foreign policy from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton -- as the Bush administration claims?


  • The Undocumented American Dream

    Courtney Martin

    A new anthology of autobiographical stories written by undocumented immigrant college students serves as a reminder that we're neglecting some of the country's best and brightest.
  • Correspondence

    The Editors

    A message from the Executive Editor and readers' responses to articles by Spencer Ackerman, Art Levine, and David Bacon.
  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Black Republicans, Dee Dee Myers on gender-based discrimination in the Clinton administration, Perino's absurdities, Norquist says fuel efficiency kills, liberalism as mental illness, and T.A. Frank's parody.

Special Report

Online Extras


  • How We Got Into This Mess

    Damon Silvers

    Trade, the war on unions, and underfunded schools all lowered wages. Cheap credit propped us up -- but now the debt is due. Herewith, a national economic strategy to turn America around.
  • Bubble and Bail

    Kevin Phillips

    For most of the 20th century, America manufactured things. For the past 30 years, though, it has chiefly manufactured debt. Wall Street, with the aid of both political parties, gravely damaged the economy.
  • Good Jobs for Americans Who Help Americans

    Robert Kuttner

    Human services is the fastest-growing labor market. Here's how to restore middle-class earnings by making every human-service job a good job.
  • The Militarist

    Matthew Yglesias

    Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain may protest that he hates war, but no American leader has promoted it more avidly. McCain is not only the most hawkish neocon on the horizon; he genuinely sees war as America's most ennobling enterprise.
  • The Green Gap

    Kate Sheppard

    As the number of green-collar jobs rises, pioneering activists are working to ensure that many of those jobs go to inner-city residents.