The Mideast Issue

June 2007




Online Extras


  • To the Incoming President: On Iraq

    Flynt Leverett

    It's January, 2009. A Democrat has just become president and confronts one mean conundrum: What's the best way to leave Iraq?
  • Guns on the Brain

    Drew Westen

    When it comes to guns, Democrats fall silent, unable to figure out how to reach people's emotions. What does this mean for the success of gun control?
  • Past Failures, Future Possibilities

    Shlomo Ben-Ami

    A lasting peace between Israel and Palestine cannot be achieved by Israelis and Palestinians. It requires the strong engagement of the U.S. and the international community.
  • The Shia Fellas

    Robert Dreyfuss

    How the Bush Administration and the Neocons got into bed with Iran's agents in Iraq.
  • A Conversation with Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Robert Kuttner

    After the failure of adventures based on fantasies, it's time for a big dose of reality in America's Mideast policy. America's most notable foreign policy realist speaks with the Prospect.
  • And the Land Was Troubled for 40 Years

    Gershom Gorenberg

    As the Six Day War ended, Israeli leaders said that the occupation of Palestine was colonial and dangerous.
  • The Apprentice

    Anthony David

    From our June print issue: Scooter Libby was a nice liberal boy until he met Paul Wolfowitz -- who'd been a nice liberal boy till he met Albert Wohlstetter. A brief history of apocalyptic neoconservatism.
  • Ten Commandments for Mideast Peace

    Daniel Levy

    Three former peace negotiators for Israel, the U.S., and Palestine lay out a common plan that could provide the basis for an Israeli-Palestinian final settlement. All that's required is some political courage and leadership.
  • Europe and the Middle East

    Chris Patten

    While Bush has done nothing to solve the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, Europe has stood idly by. It's time for the continent to assert itself.
  • Riyadh Revisions

    Steven Simon

    Administration policy on Saudi Arabia has lurched from an excessive embrace of the regime to an ill-informed democracy campaign. How can the U.S. and the Saudis play a more constructive role?
  • The Iran Puzzle

    Ray Takeyh

    The most troublesome Mideast state has signaled its desire to deal with us. How should America respond to Iran?