The Myth of Hillarycare

October 2007


  • New Politics Gets Newer

    Mark Schmitt

    Political reform has a deep history within the progressive tradition, and the last election and recent debates suggest that reform in the larger sense may have its moment.
  • No Country for Mothers

    Sarah Blustain

    The U.S. average life expectancy is greater than ever -- for everyone but pregnant women.
  • Moral Hazard Is for Suckers

    Robert Reich

    People tend to be less cautious when they know they'll be bailed out. But even when they're careful, people cannot always assess risks accurately.
  • Iraq Trap 2

    Paul Starr

    Democrats should not promise an impossible victory, only an honorable end to the Iraq War as expediently as possible.


  • Arts and Minds

    Sharon Butler

    The State Department wants to fund artists to create works for overseas museums -- so long as the art promotes U.S. foreign policy.
  • First Ladies in Two Modes

    Ann Friedman

    Democratic candidates have partners who can be more liberal than they. Republican candidates, ideally, are still married to June Cleaver.
  • The Imperial Fallacy

    Michael Lind

    Is the United States an empire, a hegemon, or what? And whatever happened to the idea of the U.S. as an exemplary liberal democracy?



  • Schools as Scapegoats

    Lawrence Mishel

    Our increasing inequality and our competitiveness problems are huge -- but they can't be laid at the door of our education system.
  • The Hillarycare Mythology

    Paul Starr

    Did Hillary doom health reform in 1993? Here's the real story, from the Prospect co-editor who was a White House senior health policy advisor at the time.
  • God's Precinct Walkers

    Hanna Rosin

    When students at conservative Christian Patrick Henry College entered the real world of Republican campaigns in a swing state, they found that God's plan did not always include victory.
  • The Bubble Economy

    Robert Kuttner

    The sub-prime mess, the huge risks taken by hedge funds, and the conflicts of interest that led to Enron are all the consequences of serial bouts of financial deregulation. Will we reverse field in time to prevent another 1929?
  • Leo the Linchpin

    Jim Grossfeld

    Steelworker President Leo Gerard looks like an old-time union leader, but he's put together a labor-environmentalist alliance that bridges some growing Democratic fissures.
  • Immigration Issues: After Failure

    Ezra Klein

    With immigration reform dead, Democrats court Hispanics and Republicans go (more) nativist.
  • Medifraud Amok

    Art Levine

    Heard about the company that resold the drugs that came back in the mail? That's apparently just a normal day in the life of our under-regulated drug industry.
  • The Fence to Nowhere

    Alejandro Portes

    More than ever, we need to craft an accord on migrant workers.
  • Immigration Issues: City on a Hill

    Mara Revkin

    Issuing ID cards to immigrants and citizens alike, liberal New Haven charts a course for cities that want to treat immigrants like people.