The Obama Doctrine

March 2008


  • Obama-ism Without Obama

    Mark Schmitt

    Obama's campaign shows how a democracy-minded reform movement and community organizing have transformed the Democratic Party. Like Reagan, Obama is as much a product of a movement as the creator of one.
  • Is the Game About to Stop?

    Robert Reich

    American consumers no longer have the buying power to absorb the goods and services the U.S. economy is capable of producing.
  • A Headache for Workers

    Dana Goldstein

    The Department of Labor is considering a change to the Family and Medical Leave Act that would single out employees with chronic illnesses.
  • New President, New Crisis

    Robert Kuttner

    The financial economy is a confidence game and nobody wants to be the Cassandra who triggers the crash. But we need to address the fact that the next president will face an economic crisis unlike any since 1933.


  • Farewell to Arms

    Jay Winter

  • No Art for Oil

    Kriston Capps

    In search of something beyond the New York art scene, Robert Smithson landed at Utah's Great Salt Lake, where he created Spiral Jetty amid abandoned oil derelicts. Now his deliberately noncommercial work is at risk of disruption by the return of oil drilling.
  • The Manufacture of Uncertainty

    Chris Mooney

    In his new book, Doubt is Their Product, David Michaels describes how the corporate practice of "manufacturing uncertainty" has taken over our regulatory system and undermined our health.
  • The Simplification Dodge

    Robert Kuttner

    Why is the tax code so impenetrable? It's all those tax breaks for the rich.
  • From Fantasy to Fiasco

    Michael Lind

    The convergence of conservative nationalists and neoconservatives within the Bush administration, and the deadly fantasies it spawned.
  • Farewell to Arms

    Jay Winter

    In his new book Where Have All the Soldiers Gone?, James Sheehan tries to account for the astonishing transformation of Europe that has come with the death of the warfare state.


Online Extras

  • Art, Nature, and Industry

    Kyle Winslow

    TAP talks to Lynn de Freitas of Friends of Great Salt Lake and Nancy Holt, artist Robert Smithson's widow, about the proposed drilling near Smithson's famous earth art sculpture, Spiral Jetty.


  • Populism Rising

    Robert Borosage

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton may be neophyte class warriors, but their populism is more than just rhetorical -- and must be, if the Democrats are to win the election and govern successfully.
  • The Republican War on Voting

    Art Levine

    Using the Department of Justice, friendly governors, and its usual propaganda outlets, the GOP has propagated the myth of voter fraud to purge the rolls of non-Republicans.
  • The Obama Doctrine

    Spencer Ackerman

    Barack Obama is offering the most sweeping liberal foreign-policy critique we've heard from a serious presidential contender in decades. But will voters buy it?
  • The Next President and the Middle East

    Daniel Levy

    To keep the world's tinder box from exploding even more violently, George W. Bush's successor is going to have to pursue a radically different Middle Eastern policy. Some policy pointers: Get out of Iraq. Work with (some) Islamists. Create the Palestinian state. Thereby, undercut al-Qaeda.