Our Moment

November 2008


  • The Realignment Opportunity

    Paul Starr

    Conservatives say that America remains a center-right country and Obama won only because of special circumstances, while some liberals claim that the election marks a historic realignment. Neither is the right way to read the returns.
  • Mind the Map

    Mark Schmitt

    Obama's success proves that there's no turning back from the reality that states, their governors, legislators, and parties will play a central role in our country's political future.
  • Don't Call it a Culture War

    Ann Friedman

    We will continue to lose battles like Prop. 8 until we can successfully relabel LGBT rights a civil-rights issue, rather than an issue mired in the culture-war swamp of moral controversy.
  • Blaming History

    Michael Tomasky

    Milan Kundera's The Joke and the need for comic relief in political discourse.



  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to print articles and web content, and a letter from Executive Editor Mark Schmitt.
  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Lost opportunities from a McCain administration, conservatives' nightmare Obama administration, journalists ponder the first thing Obama does to disappoint us, and T.A. Frank's parody awards some Bush administration superlatives.

Special Report


  • The Audacity of Patience

    Mark Schmitt

    Obama's savvy coalition-building broke all the rules about how to run for president. If he can take the same approach in the White House, he will be a towering success.
  • The Paper Chase

    Dayo Olopade

    Dozens of progressive institutions are clamoring to put their agendas on Obama's desk. Will the incoming president actually read them?
  • Street Fighter

    Dana Goldstein

    New York City's transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, is proving that cities don't need major initiatives like congestion pricing to become more walkable and bikeable.
  • Are Cows Worse <br/>Than Cars?

    Ben Adler

    Everyone knows driving an SUV or leaving the lights on is bad for the earth. But when it comes to your environmental impact, what's on your plate is just as important.
  • Getting Real on Climate Change

    Ted Nordhaus

    We'll never succeed in making dirty energy too expensive. Let's make clean energy cheap.