Party Animal

August 2008



  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Conservatives claim Barack Obama is too awesome to be president, T.A. Frank's parody considers potential preemptive presidential pardons, and we ask which country prominent journalists would like to be ambassador to under a McCain administration.
  • Correspondence

    The Editors

    Letters on the scarcity of women on the Prospect's masthead and the relationship between crime and mental illness. Also a message from new Executive Editor Mark Schmitt.


  • The Corrupter of Youth

    Mark Greif

    Richard Rorty's provocative pragmatism reached an audience far beyond academic philosophers. A new biography unfortunately ends before he ascends to that larger stage.
  • The Right in the Rearview Mirror

    E.J. Dionne

    It took liberals 30 years to take conservatism seriously. Now we're obsessed with it. E.J. Dionne considers four new books about the end of the conservative era.
  • The Invisible Woman

    Alyssa Rosenberg

    After a summer of blockbuster comic-book flicks and record ticket sales to women, why have we yet to see a superheroine movie?

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