Post-Racial. Really?

February 2009


  • The Dual Mission

    Mark Schmitt

    Though initially tasked with rescuing politics, Barack Obama must transform the economy as well.
  • Breaking the Grip of the Past

    Paul Starr

    Reflexive conservative ideology remains a powerful factor in national debate. So it's crucial--if not for Obama, then for others--to continue to press the case that our present problems have ideological roots.
  • Practical Liberalism Redux

    E.J. Dionne

    Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Barack Obama is capable of being a pragmatic progressive.
  • Broad Rights

    Ann Friedman

    Obama will be forced to decide whether reproductive health care is an essential service or merely a political chess piece.


  • Why They Fought

    Robert Mackey

    An army is a grand exercise in group loyalty and cooperation. Understanding what holds it together provides lessons beyond the military.
  • A Little Liberal Persuasion

    Daniel T. Rodgers

    Darwin and Lincoln were born on the same day two centuries ago. A mere coincidence, or did the two men write the language of modern liberalism?
  • Agonies of the Twitterati

    Ann Swidler

    For the "intravidual," life is BlackBerries, conferences, snippets of family time, and a constant desire to be elsewhere. But how many people really live like that?
  • Green Building Blues

    Kriston Capps

    As the field of green architecture experiences its growing pains, sustainability and good design have yet to meet.


  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Real talk about Michael Steele, Elvis and the Wizard of Oz fill in as GOP role models, and T.A. Frank parodies the Republican strategy -- or does he?
  • Noted

    The Editors

    Responses to Harold Meyerson's cover story, "A Global New Deal," Robert Kuttner's piece "Obama's Economic Opportunity" and a letter from Executive Editor Mark Schmitt.
  • Foodie Politics

    Ezra Klein

    Alice Waters launched a culinary revolution that changed American cuisine. But should she adopt a new strategy for her local food crusade?

Special Report

Online Extras


  • You Can Handle the Truth

    Tara McKelvey

    After eight years of a notoriously secret executive branch, Obama seems willing to consider opening the vault to historians and journalists alike.
  • Where Are the Workers?

    Harold Meyerson

    Union organizing is an increasingly global, top-down effort. But card-check legislation could return employees to their central place in the process.
  • The Other Black President

    Adam Serwer

    With 35-year-old Ben Jealous at the helm, the NAACP redefines its mission for an era in which black politics are mainstream.
  • Anatomy of a Netroots Failure

    Eli Sanders

    Darcy Burner won the love of Internet activists but lost her 2008 campaign for Washington state's 8th Congressional District. Maybe the new politics can't write off the old just yet.
  • Britain's Great Right Hope

    James Crabtree

    As the Republican Party struggles to develop a new message and regain popular support, its British counterpart is on the verge of a comeback. Will the Tories become the model for conservatives everywhere?
  • Department of Change

    Tim Fernholz

    Obama cannot rely on Cabinet appointments alone to take the country in a new direction. Here are five government offices Obama will need to remake if he is to realize his agenda.
  • Twilight of the Autocrats

    Joshua Kurlantzick

    The global financial crisis is threatening the delicate bargain that the Chinese, Russian, and Venezuelan regimes have struck with their citizens.