Is This Woman the Future of Cable News

September 2008



  • Audacity in Harlem

    David Kirp

    Geoffrey Canada founded the Harlem Children's Zone as a "conveyor belt" to transport poor kids from birth to college, by dealing with every need. Can its successes be replicated?
  • The Way to the New World

    David Roberts

    David Roberts reviews three new books on our environmental crisis, and wonders why newly minted greens sound more ambitious about the future than movement insiders.
  • From Pop Charts to Politics

    Adam Serwer

    Hip-hop is now a powerful mainstream cultural force, but political activists haven't quite figured out how to mobilize the hip-hop generation.
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Matthew Yglesias

    From our October print issue: Thomas Frank sees Republican scandal and conservative ideology as one and the same. But a more honorable right wing is imaginable.


  • Up Front

    The Editors

    Bill Kristol is suddenly outraged by sexism, the GOP convention had even fewer minorities than usual this year, Cindy McCain and Paris Hilton have a lot in common, and T.A. Frank's parody covers potential McCain campaign responses to questions from the media.
  • Correspondence

    The Editors

    A foundation leader Robert Kuttner called a "fiscal fear monger" responds, a professor argues well-off feminists haven't done enough to help working-class ones, and Executive Editor Mark Schmitt introduces the October issue.

Special Report

Online Extras

  • The Group Behind Prop 8

    Stuart Whatley

    Ultraconservative legal organization the Alliance Defense Fund is backing a California marriage ban with rhetoric about "defending" family and children.