Mark Warren

Mark R. Warren is an associate professor of education at Harvard University. He is the author of Fire in the Heart: How White Americans Embrace Racial Justice.

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White Fight

White Americans must embrace racial justice as their own cause if we hope to achieve widespread equity.

Fifty years ago, hundreds of young white and black Americans united to desegregate buses across the South. These Freedom Riders, as they came to be known, drew vivid attention to the inhumanity of segregation, and their collective action marked a turning point in galvanizing white support for the civil-rights movement. Since the summer of 1961, many Americans have continued to fight widespread inequality and racism. Yet despite remarkable progress -- including the election of an African American president -- many forms of racial injustice remain deeply entrenched in American society. Nearly 40 percent of all black and Hispanic students will fail to graduate high school this year, double the rate for white students. Economic hardship is also drawn across racial lines: More than 30 percent of blacks and Hispanics live in poverty compared to 13 percent of whites. The criminal-justice system reflects these inequities in a disturbing pattern. Of the 2 million people incarcerated in the...