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The World’s Most Bizarre Political Ads

Hermain Cain’s somewhat unusual ads have inspired some to come up with all-time lists of bizarre political ads from the U.S. . I wonder if we could use the collective wisdom of Monkey Cagers to find some of the most bizarre political ads across the globe. I accept nominations in the comments and via e-mail. I nominate this ad from Rita Verdonk ’s Trots op Nederland (Proud of the Netherlands). She was a cabinet minister and leader of what once was a prominent opposition party, until voters forced her into retirement. The ad is horrific on so many levels that it is hard to do justice in words. Watch and weep...

Baseball World Champions

I just wanted to clarify Josh’s post on the baseball “world series” for our non-American audience. Josh was not writing about the improbable run that the Dutch national honkbal team made last week to defeat Cuba, the US, and others to become the first European world champion in baseball since 1938. No, Josh was referring to the improbable win by the team from St. Louis from the state Missouri in the North American baseball championships. See, we’re always helpful this way at the Monkey Cage. Go honkballers!...