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The Tea Party’s Lessons for #OWS

As camps around the country face evictions , many are wondering how (or if) the Occupy movement can build on the national media attention the protests have received. Considering the example of the Tea Party may offer some interesting perspective. First, though the various Tea Party protests had considerable support from institutional conservative forces, including the mobilizing power of conservative talk radio and Fox News , mainstream attention to the Tea Party did not peak for more than a year. Here is a chart of CNN ’s coverage of the Tea Party over an eighteen-month period: The first Tea Party protests were held only weeks into the Obama Administration, in February 2009. Coverage outside of conservative news sources was mostly limited to the largest, most eye-catching protests. But in 2010, almost a year after the first protests, the Tea Party suddenly became a subject of media attention on a regular basis. What changed? In the first months of 2010, Republican Senate candidates...