Wendy R. Weiser

Wendy R. Weiser directs the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, a non-partisan think tank and public interest law center that focuses on fundamental issues of democracy and justice.

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In 22 States, a Wave of New Voting Restrictions Threatens to Shift Outcomes in Tight Races

The last large-scale push to curb voting access was more than a century ago, after Reconstruction. Until now.

"Let My People..." AP Photo/J Pat Carter/"Repeal Attacks.." ©Jenny Warburg
This article is from the Fall 2014 issue of the The American Prospect magazine. For the first time in decades, voters in nearly half the country will find it harder to cast a ballot in the upcoming elections. Voters in 22 states will face tougher rules than in the last midterms. In 15 states, 2014 is slated to be the first major election with new voting restrictions in place. These changes are the product of a concerted push to restrict voting by legislative majorities that swept into office in 2010. They represent a sharp reversal for a country whose historical trajectory has been to expand voting rights and make the process more convenient and accessible. Although some of these new laws are harsher than others, and some are still being fought in the courts, they have already dramatically altered the landscape for 2014. The outcomes of some of the tightest races this year could turn on the application of controversial new voting rules. Strict voter ID laws have gotten most of the...