Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen is the vice-chair of the Unity Reform Commission, chair of Our Revolution, and past president of the Communications Workers of America.

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Voters -- and Nobody Else -- Will Pick the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee

This past weekend, the party changed its rules, and became more democratic.

AP Photo/Annie Rice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez pauses after a session during the DNC's summer meeting in Chicago. O n Saturday, the 447 members of the Democratic National Committee voted to democratize the party’s presidential nomination process by eliminating any say that super delegates will have on the first ballot for the presidential nominee at the 2020 convention. It’s a major stride forward towards fuller democracy. Unlike the other delegates to national party conventions, the super delegates—members of Congress, governors and national committee members—aren’t there to vote for the presidential candidate they support in proportion to how many delegates that candidate won in their state. They’re simply there by virtue of their position, regardless of how of how many delegates, or how few, their favored candidate won in their state’s primary or caucus. At the 2016 convention, 715 of the 4500 delegates were super-delegates, and they cast their votes...