Judging Obama's "Evolution" on Marriage Equality

Will history remember only where he arrived, or also what it took him to get there?

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

An ancient fragment doesn’t prove that Jesus was married—but it does raise questions about Christians’ attitudes toward sex.

The Culture War Goes On

Give this to Southern Republicans: they'll keep fighting even after they've lost.

Uncivil Disobedience and the Opposite of Patriotism

What the conservatives defending that Nevada rancher don't seem to understand.

Cuomo's Wedge

How New York’s Democratic governor has estranged New York’s Democratic voters

Hillary Clinton, Youth Candidate

Republicans will nominate someone younger than her, and it won't make a difference to young people.

Strike a Pose

Southern Democrats up for re-election bash the Obama administration, which probably doesn't much care.

Karl Polanyi Explains It All

Want to understand our market-crazed era? Rediscover the 20th century’s most prophetic critic of capitalism.  

’Coming Out’ Doesn’t Begin to Describe It: Message from a Trans Survivor

For trans people, revealing their history calls the truth of their gender into question.

The Abortion Restriction That’s Too Extreme for Most Pro-Lifers

There’s a growing rift within the anti-choice movement over bans on abortion at six weeks.

Three Cheers for Taxes

Instead of grumbling on tax day, count your blessings.

The Missing Generation of Obama-Inspired Politicians

The New York Times tells us that young Obama volunteers aren't engaging politically because they don't seem to be running for office. Is it true?

Where the Wild Things Are

Do we really want Google to photo-map the wilderness? 

Poof! Israelis and Palestinians Head for the Brink

What happens when the negotiations really stop?

Don't Let the Bush Administration Off the Hook For Torture

New information about the Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report shouldn't absolve the White House of responsibility for ordering the torture program.