Teach For America's Civil War

This summer, alumni and current teachers are launching the first ever national campaign against the organization.

Meet Rick Perry's Most Likely Replacement

Greg Abbott is the odds-on favorite to be Texas’s next governor. Progressives won’t like him any better. 

Affirmative Action's Ominous Future

Will the Supreme Court strike another blow to affirmative action next term, or will they continue kicking the can down the road?

Under Obamacare, Millions Will Die

The coming campaign against the Affordable Care Act will blame it for every problem anyone has with health care.

The State of the Unions

According to new polls, just over half of Americans like organized labor—but that’s still enough to make a real impact.

Guns and Gut Feelings

Obama's good intentions post-Newtown haven't been enough to fix our gun problem. So what's next for gun-control legislation?

What Happened to the Obama Scandals?

 It turns out that you can't make a real scandal out of nothing but baseless speculation and dark insinuation!

Celebration and Confusion in the Cairo Streets

As President Morsi is pushed out and a fragile democracy shows signs of wear, the Muslim Brotherhood laments and other Egyptians celebrate.

Congress Is Squandering the Opportunity of a Lifetime

How we could rebuild our country for cheap, if we—and Republicans in particular—wanted to.

The Magic of Leaked Memos

There are evidently some stupid people who work in the White House. Fortunately, we get to view the products of their work.

Our Old History of Fights Over Voting

There's not much new in the current fights over access to the polls.

Should the Employer Mandate Be Eliminated Altogether?

Even many liberals think Obamacare's employer mandate was poorly designed, but is giving in to their opponents' complaints the right thing to do?

Progressives' Post-DOMA To-Do List

The left hasn't exhausted its victories on last week's landmark same-sex marriage gains. There are still many fights with logical—and achievable—next steps.

All Tomorrow’s Parties

Gay Equality 1, Civil Rights 0 – join us in wondering how to celebrate this Fourth of July. (Hint: not by seeing Johnny Depp’s new movie, that’s for sure.)

The Fire in Mitt's Belly

A new book reports that Mitt Romney didn't want to run for president in 2012.