Romney's Wealth Problem

The former governor wants voters to get over his fortune, but the issue won't disappear.

Santorum Goes For Gold In Oppression Olympics

What the former Pennsylvania senator really hated about JFK's speech to the Houston ministers.

Where Does Obama Stand?

Two polls show the president in different places with the electorate.

Meanie Mitt Pulls Ahead

Romney leads in Michigan and Arizona after he tears apart Santorum.

All the Scary Ladies

An effort to silence women in the military is meant to empower the radically conservative clergy in Israel.

The Republican Al Gore

With Mitt Romney, liberals can now understand how conservatives felt in 2000.

Romney, Santorum, and God

We ought to be talking more about candidates’ religious beliefs.

Are You Eating Fish Caught By Slaves?

How do we stop slavers from entrapping poor fisherman and forcing them to work?

Not Sweet Home Alabama

Civil rights leaders help undocumented immigrants fight against HB 56 in the state.

State of the Week

A roundup of the latest news from states across the country.

The Obama-ization of Everything

Republicans are getting pulled aboard trains they can't control.

Taking Anti-LGBT Discrimination Seriously

Two different judges offer arguments against DOMA.

The Court That Walks Off Cliffs

In this Friday Round-Up: The Court moves rightward on Affirmative Action, but there is good DOMA news.

Don't Sterilize Trans Folks

Sweden will change its law. What's up with Belgium, Denmark, France, and the Netherlands? 

Kansas GOP: Poor Are Too Rich

Republicans unveil a new plan raising taxes on the poorest people in the state.