No Contraception? Seriously?

 Go ahead, make my (international women’s) day

The Top-Down Romney Campaign

Don't look for any spirit of collective enterprise from the likely Republican nominee.

Tea Party Sharpens Its Budget Scissors

Today's Balance Sheet: Time for Congress to get feisty again. 

Let the VP Speculation Begin!

I boldly predict that Romney's running mate will be a boring white guy.


Is it too soon to pronounce Obama an economic failure? A different take on The Escape Artists.

The Difference a Different Decider Makes

We may be headed for disaster in Iran, but at least this time we may be able to have a sane debate about it.

As the Economy Goes, So Do the Birthers

Another episode in fun correlations, but no causation.

Separated at Birth?

Are two of our favorite crazy politicians even more alike than we thought?

The Future of Apple Is the iPad 2

Today's Apple announcement is for the newest version of the tablet, but the past is where the action is.

Can Caucuses Be Defended?

The current system strikes a balance between access and ensuring the support of committed partisans that works well enough.

Holder Says Killing Citizens Is Okay If You're The Government

Taking a break from gender and the Super Tuesday hubbub to talk about national security.

Romney Takes the Last Frontier

Was Alaska a game-changer? Of course.

So Long But Not Farewell to Dennis Kucinich

The representative lost last night after a nasty primary fight against his colleague Marcy Kaptur.

Rick Santorum Can't Win

It's hopeless for the former Pennsylvania senator.

We Want Our Money Back

Good-governance groups are fighting back against companies that take state subsidies and then head out of town.