In Prop. 8 Ruling, a Liberal Lion Coos

Stephen Reinhardt’s opinions sometimes have a short shelf life, but this one seems to be built to last.

Fight to Be Ordinary

Massachusetts offers a model for making gay marriage noncontroversial. 

Not Just Marriage: The Other Fights for Gay and Trans Rights

Gay marriage is one part of a larger fight for civil rights across the country.

Minnesota Not So Nice

The right wing has taken over the state's Republican Party.

Long Time, No See Payroll Tax

Today's Balance Sheet: It's the most wonderful time of the year, the payroll tax cut extension deadline, again.

Follow the Leader

When the general election comes, the vast majority of Republicans will line up behind their nominee.

New Name, Same Old Thing

There's nothing remarkable about the "Obama Independent."

High Fashion Backs Obama

Noted designers, including Marc Jacobs, launch a campaign-apparel line to fund the president's re-election effort.

Miracle in Vegas

Who knew there were so many observant Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses supporting Ron Paul?

Conservatives Ditch Corporate Spending After Eastwood Ad

Republicans realize that unchecked political messaging from corporations isn't so great.

Whatever Happened to Christine O'Donnell?

The former U.S. Senate candidate once seemed to a have a bright future. Things have since dimmed considerably.

Komen Coverage Makes Ross Douthat Sad

The columnist's assertions of media bias during the Komen controversy rest on shaky ground.

House Republicans Pretend to Care About Black Women

The quest to stop "race-based" abortions among African American women is absurd.

The Birthers Are Back in Town

Even after the release of his birth certificate, more Republicans than ever believe President Obama is foreign-born.

Mitt Romney: Liberal Economist

As the economy begins to improve, the Republican front-runner turns to progressive language in attacks against Obama.