GOP Senators Opt to Support Another Piece of Unpopular Legislation

Republicans try, and fail, to pass a restrictive amendment on birth control coverage.

My Frenemy, Andrew Breitbart

The conservative activist antagonized the left, but maybe we're better off because of it.

Partisanship and Moderation Can Coexist

You can have one and the other!

The Decline of Guns

We're becoming less and less of a gun-toting nation.

Blunt Amendment Fails in the Senate

But nearly every Republican votes to restrict access to birth control

Today's Robot News

Quadcopters playing music. Yeah, you heard right.

Zombie Bill Springs Back From the Dead

The measure is the second anti-union bill to pass the Arizona state Senate. Ban on collective bargaining looks finished.

Santorum Beats Dan Savage

But his "Google Problem" persists

Are Republicans Backing Away from the Contraception Fight?

Republican senators hesitate in supporting an amendment that would allow any employer to refuse to cover any health-care service for religious reasons.

You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Food assistance shouldn't restrict people from buying the "wrong" food.

Anti-Romney, with a Side of Grits

Keep an eye on whether the former Massachusetts governor makes inroads with Southern Republicans on Super Tuesday.

Santorum Finds Fertile Ground in Tennessee

Things look good for the former Pennsylvania senator in the Volunteer State.

Cheering on the Nightmare Scenario

Getting rid of the filibuster is something to wish for, not to fear. 

A Supreme Court Prediction

I boldly go on record.

May the Best Candidate Win?

Yes, almost always—and that's bad news for Romney.