The Trump Administration

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Today on TAP: Can a Senate trial stop the Trump judges from being confirmed? Read more


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Congress needs to update the Voting Rights Act to prevent states from suppressing votes. Read more

Civil Rights in America

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Disguised as an effort to reduce veteran suicide, the Improve Act has become a magnet for corporate influence. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Today on TAP: A window into our president’s malignant psyche Read more


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The ‘debunked’ Ukraine narrative, which Devin Nunes and other right-wing buffoons have advanced, is the handiwork of a serious adversary. Read more


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An afternoon in the Trump White House among its court musicians, dignitaries, and other regime favorites Read more


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Despite continual rumors that a deal on the update to the North American trade agreement is imminent, House Democrats and Trump are far apart. Read more

Working in America

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Today on TAP: In Gordon Sondland, Trump has met his match Read more



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Agricultural interests exploit a vulnerable and often undocumented workforce, and collude to tamp down wages. Reforming these labor markets is essential. Read more

, Working in America


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Democrats are failing to connect Trump to their larger critique of the status quo political economy. Read more



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A successful trade agreement with Canada and Mexico depends on fair treatment for Mexican workers. Read more

America and the World

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Today on TAP: Trump’s trade war fizzles out Read more


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Investigating the logical leaps at the heart of the Trump defense campaign Read more


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Today on TAP: Between Donald Trump and tyranny stand … civil servants Read more


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King set up a trip to the border for pro-Trump celebrities Diamond and Silk, and peppered DHS incessantly with questions about DACA applicants. Read more


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The case rests on whether that decision is reviewable by the courts or not. Read more

Law and Justice


Brittany Gibson

Recipients of DACA and TPS brought their fight to the steps of the courthouse. Read more

Law and Justice

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An article from Federalist Society board chair Steven Calabresi misapplies constitutional amendments about jury trials to the impeachment inquiry. Read more


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Is this any way to defend a president? Read more


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Today on TAP: Donald Trump’s presidency is all about Donald Trump Read more