The Magazine

  • Vol. 27 No. 3
    Summer 2016



    • Meanwhile, Back on Most Campuses

      Eyal Press

      The focus on extreme political correctness at Oberlin and other elite colleges risks obscuring what less privileged undergraduates are dealing with.
    • Papa’s Not a Rolling Stone: Low-Income Men and Their Children

      Natasha J. Cabrera & Ron Mincy

      Kids benefit when their dads make more time for them. Try doing it while juggling two or three minimum-wage jobs.
    • Solar Eclipse?

      Joan Fitzgerald

      Can the U.S. have a coherent solar policy in the face of China’s strategic trade moves?


    • When Liberalism Came Apart

      Julian E. Zelizer

      Two new books about the late 1960s provide grist for thinking about political turbulence today. 
    • Swept Away in the Sixties

      Todd Gitlin

      What did the era amount to? One thing is certain: It wasn’t a revolution. 
    • How America Grew—and Grew Unequal

      Eric Rauchway

      Today’s inequality has more to do with historical accident and political power than economic efficiency.
    • Using American Power Prudently

      Lawrence Korb

      Our core national-security interests and the limits of military force. 


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