The Magazine

  • Vol. 3 No. 28
    Summer 2017



    • Settlements: The Real Story

      Gershom Gorenberg

      Fifty years after the Six-Day War, a mistaken account of how settlement began still plagues Israeli politics.
    • Silk Roadblock

      Manuel Madrid

      Yo-Yo Ma's celebrated project for global understanding through music runs into Donald Trump's sour note.
    • Ignoring Police Violence

      Brentin Mock

      Baltimore officials accepted a voluntary settlement to reduce police abuses. Jeff Sessions wants to kill it.


    • State-Enforced Segregation and the Color of Justice

      Randall Kennedy

      Jim Crow was the descendant of Southern slavery. More shocking is the legacy of government-enforced racism in the North.  
    • Fiscal Purgatory in New York

      James Parrott

      How New York’s budget crisis was used to roll back expansive government  
    • The Long Arc of Protest

      David Karpf

      While digital media make it easier to spread activist messages, today’s movements face many of the same problems their forerunners did.  
    • Goodbye to All That Democracy

      Zephyr Teachout

      Can our constitution co-exist with extremes of economic inequality?  
    • Gift Horse or Trojan Horse?

      Benjamin Soskis

      The mixed record of America’s new rich as often self-interested philanthropists  


    • The Wages of Neglect
      The Wages of Neglect

      Place Matters

      Harold Meyerson

      As in the 1930s, progressives need economic development strategies for the left-behind regions of the country.
    • The Wages of Neglect

      The Democrats’ ‘Working-Class Problem’

      Stanley Greenberg

      It’s not only with whites. It reaches well into the party’s base.
    • The Wages of Neglect

      The Pittsburgh Conundrum

      John Russo

      Can you have a model city in a left-behind region?
    • The Wages of Neglect

      A Tale of Two Populisms

      Guy Molyneux

      The elite the white working class loathes is politicians.
    • The Wages of Neglect

      Democrats Need to Be the Party of and for Working People—of All Races

      Robert Griffin, John Halpin, & Ruy Teixeira

      And they can’t retake Congress unless they win over more white workers.
    • The Wages of Neglect

      Why the White Worker Theme Is Harmful

      William E. Spriggs

      It’s a mistake to racialize an economy that harms the entire working class.
    • The Wages of Neglect

      Tilting at Windmills

      Joan Fitzgerald

      Why the green jobs promise is still unfulfilled
    • Kansas, Sam Brownback, and the Trickle-Down Implosion

      Justin Miller

      The Kansas governor’s attempt to create supply-side nirvana in Middle America not only failed to grow the economy—it created a crippling crisis of government that led to a statewide rejection of his politics.
    • Private Equity: The New Neighborhood Loan Sharks

      Chuck Collins

      Veterans of the Contract Buyers League hit the doors again.
    • Who Is Wilbur Ross?

      Rosemary Batt & Eileen Appelbaum

      From bankruptcy king to Trump’s king of commerce
    • The Great Los Angeles Revolt Against Cars

      David Dayen

      L.A. voters have chosen to tax themselves to build a citywide rail system. Can rail also resurrect the city’s long-vanished middle class?  
    • Charlie and the MBTA

      Gabrielle Gurley

      Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s privatization initiative at greater Boston’s transit authority has realized short-term savings—but the cure is still adequate public investment.
    • Will Trump Kill the CFPB?

      Lisa J. Servon

      Created in response to the financial crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has returned nearly $12 billion to consumers—which may be exactly why it’s now under threat.

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