BP's Fake Twitterfeed.

Depressed about the oil spill? This (fake) BP public-relations Twitter feed, BPGlobalPR offers some dark humor. A sample:

  • Just got 100k followers and our oil is headed to Florida. You know what this means... WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYWORLD! #bpcares
  • We don't want to alarm anyone, but the robot didn't get stuck. It stopped on it's own accord and grinned at us. #skynet
  • As part of our continued re-branding effort, we are now referring to the spill as "Shell Oil's Gulf Coast Disaster". #bpcares
  • If we're being accused of being criminals, we want to be tried by a jury of our peers- wealthy execs who don't give a damn. #fairisfair

The feed has gone viral, recently hitting 100,000 followers. It also raised $10K for a Gulf-area nonprofit selling T-shirts that feature a black, smudged BP logo with the message, “BP cares.” At least something associated with BP has been effective.

-- Rebecca Delaney