Daily Meme: Can Climate Week Change the Weather?

  • The congressional calendar this week is full of environment-centered hearings and events, so climate-change activists have seized upon the moment, named it "Climate Week," and planned a week of protests.
  • This week also marks the five-year anniversary of Keystone XL's first application submission.
  • Action isn't centered around Capitol Hill alone—activists have been staging protests all over the country, especially along the pipeline's intended path.
  • 350.org has planned 150 protests for Saturday alone.
  • It looks like the White House's decision over the pipeline could stretch into next year—although the southern end of Keystone should likely be in full gear soon—which is absolutely perfect, if you ask the lobbyists who make a killing on the issue for both sides.
  • A delay also gives more time for the anti-Keystone forces, who've begun to focus on the slim economic advantages of the controversial oil transporter.
  • On the pro-pipeline sidelines, some—including one North Dakota senator—think the unrest in Syria means we're closer to approving Keystone.
  • Newt Gingrich approves of that line of thinking.
  • We'll see how things look at the end of the week. Regardless, the fate of the pipeline will have a big impact on Obama's environmental legacy, something he's sure to keep in mind as the battle moves forward.

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