Daily Meme: FutureSex Scandals/LoveSounds for Hillary

  • Our theme today is the future, where everyone is looking. To start, House conservatives are thinking that their future might involve a Speaker other than John Boehner. National Journal reports that a group of 40 to 50 Republicans are plotting to oust Boehner right after the November, or at least put the fear of the right into him.
  • Representative Vance McAllister's future is in serious doubt after he was caught on a security camera sucking face with one of his staffers; naturally, he responded to getting caught by firing her. But theWashington Post has crunched the numbers on sex scandals and found that there have been 14 sex-related scandals since 2000, but only two of the members kept their jobs. So maybe there's a Morning Zoo radio show co-hosted with Anthony Weiner in McAllister's future.
  • We all know that in a few decades, white people will become a minority of Americans, and we'll all sing in perfect harmony. Our old colleague Jamelle Bouie looks to the future of American demographics and wonders if, instead of looking like California, the country will look more like Mississippi, with white voters becoming more conservative and racial polarization defining our politics: "We would fracture like the Seven Kingdoms, with a politics governed by mutual suspicion. And you don't have to imagine this future. You can see it right now, in the Deep South, where our history weighs heaviest."
  • A super PAC preparing for a candidacy that exists only in the future—Ready For Hillary—announced that it has raised $5.75 million to date, mostly in small donations.
  • Independent Senator Angus King of Maine, who caucuses with the Democrats, looks to the future possibility of a Republican takeover of the Senate and says that if it happens, he might just switch over and caucus with the GOP. Which wouldn't be opportunistic and cynical at all.
  • Legislators in Florida want to make sure that in the aftermath of future disasters and emergencies, there's as much gunplay as possible. A bill moving through the legislature would ensure that during an emergency, you could take your gun wherever you like even if you don't have a concealed carry permit. But the short-sighted legislators have not considered a future zombie apocalypse, and we all know that in that eventuality, no weapon is as effective as the katana.


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