DEMS PROVE DOBBS WRONG: A while back I accused Lou Dobbs of misleading readers of his November 1 column by asserting that "whether the Democrats or Republicans take control of the House and Senate, corporate America has just bought a license to outsource more middle-class jobs to cheap foreign labor markets, to continue unabated so-called free trade." I argued that, overall, the Democrats are clearly more critical of corporate-friendly free trade arrangements. Well, as The Washington Post reported Tuesday:

As Democrats prepare to take control of Congress, incoming leaders are planning to insert labor and environmental protections into pending trade treaties and to demand that the Bush administration adopt similar measures in future pacts it negotiates, congressional aides and government officials said yesterday.

Also see Harold's latest column discussing the fair-trade leanings of the incoming crop of Democratic freshmen. Here's hoping Dobbs might refrain in the future from making bogus assertions that voting will change nothing for Americans worried about free or fair trade issues.

--Ben Adler

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