I simply must comment on this bit of hilarity from Ross Douthat:

But the idea that every move the GOP makes is choreographed by a bunch of moneymen who are only interested in keeping their own taxes low by whatever means necessary doesn't square with reality. For one thing, the GOP's big-money donors don't all want the same thing: Some of them want low income taxes, some of them want low corporate taxes, some of them (though not all that many, I suspect) want government programs slashed, some of them want deregulation, some of them want regulation, some of them want pro-business judges appointed, some of them want subsidies for their industries, etc. etc.

What a diverse group it is! Some want to slash taxes on the wealthy, while others want to slash taxes on corporations, and some want to slash regulations on business, while some want to see pro-business judges appointed. It's a regular political Tower of Babel over there - how on earth do they all get along?

I sympathize with Ross, a conservative who wants to encourage the GOP to think more about the actual interests of people whose toughest decision isn't whether to go with the Mercedes or the BMW. But come on.

--Paul Waldman

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