Fight the Bankruptcy Bill

Over at Eschaton, Atrios is overseeing Bankruptcy Day, in opposition to the awful bill. This is really about as bad as it gets. I can understand the philosophical underpinnings of Social Security privatization -- I don't agree with them, but I can accept that some argue for it in good conscience. Not the Bankruptcy Bill. This is a simple way to screw the poor to serve powerful credit card companies. It's an infuriating, sick piece of legislation that our government should be ashamed to even consider. So call your Senators, e-mail your congresscritters -- keep this thing from passing. This is the true class warfare, and in this war, the poor are losing. From Atrios:

Senate switchboard:

(202) 224-3121

Call Joe Biden and explain how you can, in good conscience, no longer support his presidential bid. Shame, that:


Call Senator Lautenberg:

(202) 224-3224

Call Senator Specter:


Patty Murray

(202) 224-2621

Maria Cantwell


Olympia Snowe

(202) 224-5344

Herb Kohl

(202) 224-5653

Update: Looks like we lost on the Bankruptcy Bill. Might want to call Biden anyway and tell him how seared into your memory this disappointment is. Scare his staff a bit, spread the word that the base is watching. Anyway, I'm off to cleanse myself by voting for a progressive. Villaraigosa's about to be one vote closer to the runoff...