Great moments in cable news

I'm not Catholic, and I don't have any particular allegiance to the pope; but call me old-fashioned, I tend to think we should have a sense of propriety about a dying public figure. 

Here's from last night's Larry King.  I'm not making it up:

KING: Joining us now on the phone is former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who I know met with this pope on several meetings. What are your thoughts about him Nancy?

NANCY REAGAN, FORMER FIRST LADY: It was more than several. I met with him seven times, and twice alone. Which was a really wonderful, wonderful experience. But, you know, he and Ronnie had so many things in common, they both were actors.

KING: Yes.

REAGAN: They both loved the outdoors, loved sports. They both adored young people. They both had great senses of humor. They shared the title of a great communicator. When Ronnie was shot in '81, the pope was shot in '81. When Ronnie died in June of this year, the pope looks like he's going to die in this year. It's amazing how their lives crossed, you know.

And also they both embraced the death penalty, hated poor people, embraced war regularly, opposed total disarmament, and fervently favored laissez-faire invisible handjob-style capitalism.  Ronnie and Johnny had so much in common.

KING: Spoke English well, didn't he?

REAGAN: Oh, yes, very well. Very well. Think of all those languages he spoke. My word.

KING: Also, we discussed this. A very handsome man.

REAGAN: Oh, very. Very. In that, he and Ronnie had in common.

The pope's sex appeal, straight from the most trusted name in news.  Way to go.

-- Michael