The Prospect’s Clare Malone and I worked hard this weekend to bring you an idiot’s guide to the proceedings on Super Tuesday. Check it out.

Seth Masket makes the scandalizing case that Revenge of the Sith is a better movie than Return of the Jedi. This gets a little to what I think was really wrong with the prequels. Lucas became too focused on the minutae of the universe—the technology, the aliens—and not enough on the classic elements that made the original movies timeless. Jedi is the weakest of the trilogy because you can see the beginnings of that, and Sith is the strongest of the prequels because, at moments, you can see a glimpse of the old magic.

Like Jonathan Bernstein, this Republican primary strikes me as one where the party decided on Mitt Romney last year, and now, we’re watching to see if GOP voters ratify that choice.

Not to self-promote too much, but you should really read my food blog. It’s pretty good.

Wu-Tang Clan + Parks & Recreation = Awesome.

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