The Indispensable Nation No More

The Kyoto Pact takes effect today. Without us. In some ways, it's more symbolic than anything. Sans our involvement, it'll barely make a dent in global carbon dioxide emissions. But our opposition neither killed nor derailed it, and that in itself was meant to send a message.

It's worth noting that, in this too, Bush was for it before he voted against it:

Bush, who campaigned before his first term on the promise that he would regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, changed his mind after taking office and withdrew from the Kyoto talks in 2001, advocating voluntary steps to reduce greenhouse gases.

Didn't Bush's favorite philosopher say something about the merit of faith without works? And why is it that Bush is so scared of appearing anti-environment, doesn't his platform enjoy a broad mandate? And while we're being moral, is there any chance that Easterbrook will finally give a mea culpa on his quadrennial prediction that Bush will lead the world on global warming? Or is he just going to offer up more excuses?